Our nests are meticulously cleaned, have a smooth and translucent texture, and offer a delicate flavor and pleasing aroma. Sourced from reputable regions, they meet the highest standards for premium bird’s nests.

Our bird’s nest has undergone extensive testing at reputable Singapore labs, where it has met and exceeded stringent quality and safety standards. These tests validate the exceptional quality of our bird’s nests, ensuring they are free from contaminants and of the highest standard for our customers’ peace of mind

We are proud to offer our premium bird’s nest to customers worldwide, making this exquisite delicacy accessible to everyone around the globe.



'-I was amazed by the swift delivery of this bird's nest right here in Singapore. It arrived in record time, and the quality was exceptional. This service truly exceeded my expectations!

Siew Feng in Singapore

'-I love that this bird's nest is not only incredibly clean but also free from any chemicals. I can see it from the cleaned water after hours of soaking and no glue smell. It's pure goodness in every bite, and I appreciate the natural care that goes into it.

Auntie May from Singapore

'-Tasting this bird's nest has been a delightful surprise. Its exceptional purity and delicate texture set it apart. I've sampled numerous varieties, but this one truly represents the pinnacle of quality. It's a genuine culinary pleasure!

Singapore Cindy

Top Birds Nest Wholesale Distributor In Indonesia

Welcome to Onenestsg, the premier birds nest wholesale distributor, importer, and wholesaler of genuine bird’s nests in Asia and the US. Onenestsg has thousands of consumers in the United States and throughout the world. By only offering top-notch goods that come from natural and organic sources, we protect the health and confidence of our clients. Our goal is to provide novel, wholesome food items for people of all ages and health conditions.

In the Chinese culture, edible bird nests are also referred to as “Yan Wo” and “caviar of the East.” Our bird nest is pure and organic, created in natural circumstances. The edible-nest swiftlet, a tiny bird endemic to Southeast Asia, builds the nests out of their saliva. In traditional Chinese medicine, the nests serve therapeutically. Thus, due to their natural making, our nests contain macronutrients and micronutrients.

Premium clean White bird nest supplier focuses on Quality, which is why it comes from farms in rural regions, away from pollution. Thus, it has led to cleaner bird nests with fewer contaminants. Additionally, nests from Kalimantan often sell for more money than those from other Riau islands.

Organic Bird Nest Suppliers and Manufacturers

Our clients’ health is always our priority. Onenestsg Bird Nest Suppliers was established to fulfill a single man’s vision of producing wholesome health goods honestly and openly. Our business continues to preserve those ideals today. Before being made available to the general public, we make certain that each of our goods has undergone thorough testing and complies with all safety requirements.

In our Bird Nest Wholesale, the main nutrients are glycoproteins, carbohydrates, and minerals like calcium and iron. Edible bird’s nests are also an effective treatment for conditions like asthma, gastrointestinal problems, and TB. Some bioactive substances included in edible bird’s nests may be able to inhibit the flu virus. Additionally, there is curiosity about the possibility of using edible bird nests as a supplement. Thus, it helps in treating osteoarthritis and maintaining bone health.

Birds Nest wholesale distributor approved bird netting, which has brain-protective qualities and may help with diabetes control, sets us apart from the competition. Additionally, they hydrate, lighten, and shield the skin from oxidation.

Bird's Nest Wholesale In Indonesia Serving Industries

We stand out from the bulk of manufacturers of unusual foods in the US and abroad thanks to our commitment to excellence. Thus, edible bird feed is useful for both edible and inedible functions, making edible bird nests an excellent food source. They are a fantastic source of food for both kids and adults. When it comes to edible bird food, especially because edible bird nests come in a range of forms and sizes. They may also be helpful in the food sector, especially since edible bird feeders and parrots are both edible and adult food. It may also be useful as a source of food, especially because parrots, eggs, and bird feeders are all edible. They have been put to good use in traditional Chinese medicine. There are several uses for edible bird netting, including cooking and eating. Stock up on delicious bird netting from Onenestsg at wholesale pricing to take full advantage of this expanding market. By purchasing edible bird netting in bulk on Onenestsg, you can choose from a variety of pricing points to satisfy the demands of your clients.

Why Choose Birds Nest Wholesale Distributor?

All of our bird-nest goods are traditionally hand-cleaned by our well-trained personnel. Onenestsg promises that every one of our goods is entirely natural and unadulterated. Birds Nest wholesale distributor and manufacturer, makes it without the use of preservatives, bleaching, or coloring. You might tell your consumers that all of our bird nests are environmentally friendly! With years of expertise, we have created several product lines, each of which is of the highest quality and flavor. We take satisfaction in having an enormous selection of natural and organic food items. Onenestsg provides high-quality natural nests featuring different colors like Red, Gold, and White. We hand-wash our bird nests without bleaching or chemical colouring. To satisfy our clients’ demands, we provide a range of grades within each nest type. We provide a broad selection of natural health goods. Our committed research team consistently creates cutting-edge health products to provide superior service to our wide range of clients. Contact us to get the best quality bird’s nests 100% organic from bird nest products from global wholesalers!

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